Po.et – Blockchain’s answer to the copyright infringement of digital creative assets

Po.et or Proof of Existence 2.0 is a platform that leverages the blockchain. One of the first real products I’ve seen that actually makes good use of blockchain technology. It does this by providing a global ledger which tracks and verifies the ownership of digital creative assets on the web.

What I like most about Po.et is that it tries to solve a real-world problem. There’s a major issue with the copyright infringement of digital creative assets, such as imagery, videos, and publications. Po.et aims to solve this by verifying ownership and giving credit where its due. I’m excited to see how this new technology will be adopted by the digital creative industry.

How does it work?

If you are familiar with the concept of a blockchain you will know that all data recorded to a ledger is immutable and decentralised, meaning all participants of the network have access to it.  The Po.et platform generates immutable timestamped titles of all the creative works that are submitted to the blockchain. This means there can be no dispute, at least from the platform’s perspective as to who owns what digital asset. Po.et also automates the process of creating your own licenses and offers the flexibility of creating your own terms of use for the digital asset. Po.et is also an open network where users can openly search and discover new contents and verify authenticity.

So far Po.et is easily one of my favorite blockchain use case so far. I see a lot of big things in store for this platform, and I will be keeping my eye on this one.

Frost App Release

They are currently in the process of developing an official WordPress plugin codenamed FROST which is due for release in Q1 2018. This will make the interaction with the blockchain seamless. If your an active blogger like me or a digital content creator you know the true potential of this product. Backed by an all-star team consisting of Anthony Di Iorio, David Bailey, and Mike Germano to name a few, the sky’s the limit for Po.et!

They currently have an Alpha version which you can access here, to get an idea of how the platform will function.

Also, check out this great beginner’s guide to Po.et Coin

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