World of Ether – Pokémon meets Ethereum

World of Ether is the latest gaming platform to hit the blockchain sphere. So what is it exactly…? Well, it’s a decentralised collectible dueling game, and as the article headline describes think Pokémon meets Ethereum and you’ll be on the right track.

So there are 3 main things in which you can do in this whole new world, which I will go over in more detail below.


The World of Ether allows you to collect all these magnificent looking, sentient like creatures also known as Etherians that do battle against each other. You also have the ability to sell or simply just keep them stored safely on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have some ETH to spare you can always buy eggs to discover more of these majestic creatures.


What makes this game fun and quite simply addictive is the breeding aspect. The ability to spawn new unique creations by cross-breeding them. It all does sound quite similar to CryptoKitties, but what will make this game stand out, even more, is the last point below, the ability to do battle.


Unlike CryptoKitties, you can actually put your creations to the test. You can do battle with them. The idea behind battling is to level up. So the more battles you do increases the chances for you to breed rare creatures. This concept will incentivise the user to keep on dueling.

If you’re a Pokémon fan, and like collectibles, I recommend checking out Word of Ether.


Also some of the amazing artwork of some of these majestic beasts:


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