Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange – The Platform Crypto Has Been Missing

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) aims to be the world’s first regulated crypto ecosystem encompassing a renowned token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange. GBX set themselves apart by establishing a higher token standard to increase investor confidence within the GBX Ecosystem similar to a stock exchange model that helps to safeguard its users.

The GBX Ecosystem comprises a selection of offerings and services with the aim of providing a holistic one stop shop experience for investors. Below details the specifics features available within the GBX environment.


The GBX Ecosystem will be driven through the use of a utility token that will have multifaceted uses throughout the platform. The Rock Token (RKT) is ERC-20 compliant and will be utilized for fees, rewards and purchases within the environment by the following users:

  • Members: Registered users that hold accounts with GBX
  • Issuers: An approved GBX issuer who have successfully complied with GBX requirements to list a token through the GBX platform
  • Sponsors: An approved user within the GBX ecosystem, their duty is to uphold the quality, reputation and integrity of the GBX Market.

A thriving GBX ecosystem with trusted and approved users have the potential to provide an unparalleled platform instilled with confidence. These integral foundations have the potential to convert traditional investors to the cryptocurrency market which in turn will tap into new streams of money into this space. As cryptocurrencies become mainstream GBX are aiming to position themselves with the build of such a platform that instills trust and excellence.

The below diagram details how such an ecosystem aims to exist for new ICO’s and any current tokens that aim to be listed on GBX. The reputation of the community enhances through the synergy of all its users and proliferation of companies that join the network.

GBX Team and Delivery

The wealth of capital markets experience across the GBX management team is impressive, starting with CEO Nick Cowan who founded Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and has over 30 years in experience in capital markets. Understanding what works traditionally and how to translate that to a new market will give them a competitive edge amongst existing market places.

The technology team is young and vibrant with an all-star technical expertise through traditional and start up routes seen through Samuel Reid and Floyd Dcosta who both have experience of founding their own companies and seeing the project through to completion. A strong advisory staff with a global presence highlights to the point GBX really are tackling this problem globally and intend to make a huge impact on the community as a whole.

This is also realised through the team putting together an exciting and impressive roadmap that helps to highlight their eagerness to deliver a fully utilised system to their imminent community.


  • Q1:
    • Launch Rock Token
    • Launch GBX token sale platform
    • Build network of Sponsors
    • Launch GBX digital asset exchange
  • Q2:
    • Integrate digital e-money institution within the ecosystem
  • Q3:
    • List tokenised securities on GSX’s Global Market (exchange–regulated) and Main Market (EU regulated)
    • Trade tokenised securities on GSX’s own blockchain-based platform


Token Sale

GBX completed a pre-sale in which $21 million was successfully raised. There is an upcoming public sale that begins on the 7th February 2018 and concludes on 14 February 2018, here at Cryptolingo we expect this to be a complete sell out. There will be approximately 60 million RKT issued during the sale event, a total of $6 million USD.


Token Name: Rock Token

Code: RKT

Blockchain Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20 Standard)

Issue Amount: 900,000,000

Market Hard Cap: USD $27m

Token Sale Price: USD $0.10 = (1 RKT payable in ETH)

Token Sale Public Date: 7 Feb – 14 Feb 2018

Public Sale Amount: 60m RKT

Public Sale Hard Cap: USD $6m

Minimum Purchase: $100 (payable in ETH)


GBX Strengths

GBX addresses an urgent and immediate demand that has been missing from the industry and impacts all of its participants:

  • Members:
    • Participate in ICOs and purchasing of listed tokens in one platform
    • Sponsor approved ICOs and listed digital cryptocurrencies
    • Confidence in digital cryptocurrencies listed on the GBX Market
    • Becoming a participant within trusted GBX Ecosystem that adheres to best practice and governance
  • Issuers:
    • Highlighted as an Issuer that has conformed to best practice and governance
    • Guaranteed listing on GBX exchange post ICO completion guaranteeing liquidity
    • Potential to reach wider markets through both GBX and GSX markets
  • Sponsors:
    • Part of the trusted community within the marketplace
    • Leader in advancing to future best practice and governance that has potential to encourage new and existing investors
    • Contributor in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets that will provide recognition amongst community


Our Verdict: Bullish

There was a total of 235 cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) that raised over $3.7bn in 2017, a massive increase from the $96m raised the previous year in 2016. The expectation for 2018 is for the amount invested in this space to continue its yearly increase which can only be seen as an exciting time for the market.

Here at Cryptolingo we realise the need for a platform that not only provides one unified ICO and trading experience but also provides confidence in the tokens that are listed. This competitive edge sets GBX as a differentiator and exciting prospect to a market crying out for regulation and guidance. As more investors enter this space Cryptolingo sees the GBX ecosystem and community playing a pioneering role to encourage new standards across the industry for the better. This will not only dispel previous risk warnings by governing bodies such as the SEC and ESMA, but in turn help provide the foundation for a regulated and safe market for all.

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