Orchid Protocol – An Open and Unrestricted Internet for Everyone


Orchid Protocol aims to open up the internet to the entire world, providing a decentralized open-source platform for people to access a liberated and free internet adhering to the below three beliefs:

  1. The internet should be decentralized and free of censorship and surveillance
  2. Everyone deserves access to the internet, regardless of nationality
  3. That everyone should be able to control their own personal data

The minimalist grey scale website design provides clarity of purpose towards Orchid Labs ambitious and humanitarian mission. There are no videos, no reference of team credentials or mention of advisors affiliated to the project, just one clear depiction of their poignant purpose, a world where users own the internet.


How does it work?

Orchid Protocol’s OCT token is ERC20-compatible and builds on existing protocols using a semi-anonymous token and encryption to provide secure unidentified access to the internet. It rewards people who provide nodes in the network for sharing their resources and bandwidth in a peer-to-peer transaction using OCT tokens.


Figure 1 demonstrates how the Orchid Protocol proxies and relays never know the identity of its users which contrasts to traditional VPNs that only ever mask your IP address and create a new one. At no point in time will the protocol ever know your IP which helps to provide the guaranteed and complete anonymity in a fully decentralized architecture that has no data stored anywhere.



There has been a confirmed investment round where $4.7M was raised in seed funding in late 2017. There have been rumours circulating that there will be no crowd sale and only private investment opportunities going forwards for Orchid Protocol. Orchid Labs CEO Steven Waterhouse wrote a piece about how token sales can be an Instrument for social change which reinforces that sentiment that his aim is to make a humanitarian effort that impacts the world over and not focus solely on monetary gain. With no ICO details published yet, this is one project we will track closely as a Beta launch is targeted for early 2018.



Cryptolingo sees huge potential in Orchid Protocol and what they are trying to achieve as an investment, but more importantly on a humanitarian level. Giving everyone the opportunity to practice free speech and access all information was one of the reasons the internet was created. Unfortunately, that is not reflective of the world today. Despite the lack of details of the roadmap, this is still a project that speaks volumes to us because of the way it could revolutionise the way the world accesses the internet for the better.


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