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CryptoCurve Overview

CryptoCurve aims to redefine the way we interact with the blockchain through a simplified and streamlined user experience to bring about the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Their vision is to be the world’s front end for blockchain and recently announced a strategic partnership to become the front-end of Wanchain. Now any cryptoasset compatible with Wanchain will be available to CryptoCurve users directly through the application. The partnership between the CryptoCurve front-end and Wanchain back-end will help facilitate the growth of both ecosystems and help stimulate the reach of the CryptoCurve platform.

The first step in achieving their ambitious goals is seen through the Curve Wallet which provides industry first features and allows you to buy, send, trade-cross chain, exchange, invest, pool and monitor all your digital assets in one integrated, secure and simple to use wallet. The platform has been specifically designed to focus on offering an intuitive way to invest, trade and manage accounts that has real world utility and contains an eye-catching user interface that caters to new and experienced investors, enabling them to make well informed decisions.  



CryptoCurve Ecosystem

The CryptoCurve Blockchain Browser and Curve Wallet ecosystem consists of the following components:

  • Portfolio Tracking: Provides fund management tools to track trades and individual investments as well as market monitoring capabilities. This feature also provides different reports that enable users to view transaction performance and history
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Users can trade and exchange their cryptoassets through CryptoCurve’s interoperable DEX on the dedicated DEX portal within the platform
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Features:
    • Investing: Ability to participate in ICOs on the Wanchain blockchain that require no manual administration management. Users can store their Know Your Customer (KYC) information on their accounts for participation, removing the need to reproduce the same verification data again
    • Staking: By staking CURV tokens users receive tokens from new ICOs and unlock the ability to actively invest in token sales hosted through the platform. The more tokens staked, the more a user can earn. An investment into the CURV token that has been staked in their smart contracts equates to an investment in every ICO that takes place through the platform
    • Pooling: Empowers users to create, manage and track the execution of private custom pools for token sales enabling users to source the best ICOs to invest in collectively
  • Nuke: Ability to convert your holdings to Bitcoin, Ethereum or a stable coin instantly with just a click of a button. A snapshot is taken at the time of execution to ensure a reverse conversion function is available to ensure the action can be reverted effortlessly to the user
  • Fiat Gateway: Ability to create a fiat gateway that allows users to fund their portfolio using credit cards and bank accounts as a means of providing liquidity
  • Wanchain Interoperability: The Curve Wallet will be wholly interoperable with the Wanchain blockchain



CryptoCurve Token

The CryptoCurve token is WAN-compliant and will used for multiple utilities in an efficient and transparent manner throughout the ecosystem, serving the below purposes:

  • Governance: Token holders will have voting rights and will be able to vote on matters such as which ICOs should be listed on the CryptoCurve platform
  • Pooling: Users need to hold a certain number of CURV tokens to create custom pooling smart contracts
  • Staking: Users need to stake CURV tokens to participate in ICOs and may receive rewards such as free airdrops from projects launched on the platform
  • Trade Discounts: Trades conducted using CURV attract trading fee discounts

CryptoCurve Stakeholders

The CryptoCurve platform engages the below stakeholders throughout the ecosystem:

  • Investor: Represents new and experienced users to the platform and will be the primary focus of CryptoCurve
  • Developer: Audience of individuals committed to advancing blockchain technology by developing through the CurveSDK and creating new applications on the platform
  • Company: Denotes new companies within the CryptoCurve ecosystem and will play an important role going forwards. The amount of companies that are available within the network in the long term will provide a representation to the strength of the platform

CryptoCurve Team and Delivery

Established in 2017, the CryptoCurve team currently stands at 10 core members of experienced professionals across the technology and business landscape. CryptoCurve CEO Josh Halferty does not have any relevant history as a CEO but boasts years of experience as a technical Project Manager, most recently working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise before founding the company. Halferty surrounds himself with an extremely strong team to deliver this ambitious project and roadmap. The CryptoCurve core team boasts renowned blockchain architect Andre Cronje as the lead blockchain infrastructure engineer and well-known business executive Benn Godenzi, Co-Founder of the Interoperability Alliance (AION, ICON and Wanchain) as the marketing and partnerships executive.

The team have listed 6 advisors who specialize in key fields across the blockchain, public relations and investment landscape. The stand out advisors from an equally strong list are former President of Wanchain, Dustin Byington and Addison Huegel, head of communications at Zilliqa and marketing advisor to Republic Protocol.

Below details the CryptoCurve roadmap:

CryptoCurve Token Sale

The token sale will now take place in Q3 having been originally planned for Q2 of this year as shown above. The team are yet to communicate and release official dates for their sale but have confirmed to the community this will be made public shortly. Despite the token sale delay the CryptoCurve team have been aggressively working towards executing on their roadmap milestones behind closed doors and have already released MyCryptoWallet, a Metamask equivalent of the Curve Wallet ahead of schedule.

Name: Curve Token

Symbol: CURV

Blockchain Platform: Wanchain (WAN Compatible)

Fundraising Goal: $32M

Private Sale: $26M

Public Sale: $6M

Total Tokens: 415M CURV

Available for Token Sale: 207.5M CURV (50%)

Contribution Method: Private Sale ETH, Public Sale WAN

Token Rate: 1 CURV = $0.20

ICO Date: 2018 Q3

Token Distribution:

  • 50% Public
  • 35% CryptoCurve Foundation
  • 15% Team and Advisors

CryptoCurve Strengths

  • Partnership with the Wanchain Foundation will see CryptoCurve be one of the first projects built on Wanchain helping to facilitate their mission to bring about the mass adoption of blockchain technology by simplifying and streamlining the user-experience
  • All cryptocurrencies compatible with Wanchain will be available through the Curve Wallet front-end. This is particularly significant because as Wanchain develops and matures this will also facilitate growth of the CryptoCurve ecosystem for the better
  • CryptoCurve team members have significant blockchain and relevant work experience. The advisors have been specifically identified to work with the project, and each should play a significant role to help advance CryptoCurve going forwards
  • Reduction in costs due to cheaper cross currency payments and transaction costs for transferring money
  • CryptoCurve has invested significant resources into security and aim to create one of the most secure wallets on the market for cryptocurrency assets
  • Participants of the ecosystem share in the success of the platform and are rewarded
  • CryptoCurve is a one stop shop solution, promoting ease of use and user experience. Users will only need a username and a password to set up an account and the complexities of existing blockchain interactions will be abstracted away from the user to help prevent errors and facilitate a better user experience

CryptoCurve Weaknesses

  • The CryptoCurve whitepaper is yet to be made available to the public. The team have released a pitch deck that is available online but this only provides high level details of the project specifics
  • CryptoCurve has a considerably high market cap that has the potential to discourage investors with no tangible product offering outside MyCryptoWallet to demonstrate potential value
  • There is a lot of competition to CryptoCurve currently in existence such as Ethos and Bread. Both have so far failed to gain mainstream adoption and traction in the wider crypto community
  • The highlighted industry first features within the platform have no specific trademark to CryptoCurve and can be replicated by existing competitors
  • No company partnerships announced outside of Wanchain


CryptoLingo Verdict:  

Complex and fragmented ecosystems, security vulnerabilities, and high barriers to entry has so far restricted the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. All cryptocurrency investors, whether new or experienced face these challenges consistently. CryptoCurve aim to tackle these problems and redefine the way we interact with the blockchain through a front end that is simplified and streamlined. Despite being an extremely ambitious project CryptoLingo believe CryptoCurve are tackling a real-world problem that could be instrumental in helping to accelerate mainstream adoption within the space.

It is necessary for CryptoCurve to prove they are capable of securely streamlining users existing workflows within a simplified one stop shop solution to ensure success in the short term. Achieving immediate milestones along their roadmap and ensuring the team focus on growing their community has the potential to lay the foundation for CryptoCurve’s future usage. The Wanchain partnership also enables the team to position themselves as the Wanchain front-end that will help drive adoption in the short and long term as the Wanchain ecosystem matures. CryptoLingo are excited to see how CryptoCurve develop and will continue to monitor the progress of this innovative project aiming to be the world’s front end for blockchain.

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