Elastos – A Commitment to Growing the Elastos Community

Elastos Overview

Elastos has created the world’s first internet operating system that focuses on re-decentralizing the internet with blockchain to secure identity. By creating a new kind of internet powered by blockchain technology that is secure, credible and smart, anyone will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from these scarce, identifiable and tradable assets. An internet that allows users to access content such as articles, movies and images directly without the need for any intermediaries lays the foundation for a trustworthy and secure internet of wealth.

Elastos Community

The Elastos project is ambitious and is attempting to radically change the internet as we know it. Now that the Elastos mainnet live and working on iOS the project is gearing up towards adoption and the team have placed particular focus on growing their community through an extensive array of communications, events, meet ups and engagements. The Elastos global community covers team members, developers, community organizers, token holders, evangelists and followers all around the world. The team are committed to building their global community and have created communities of local user groups all around the world and are currently undertaking a global world tour to share the Elastos mission. The Elastos weekly updates are written as works of art, quoting poets whilst mixing quality of beauty and intensity of emotion with a sprinkle of blockchain technology.

Elastos New York Meetup – A New Era of Blockchain

The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA) collaborated with the Elastos Foundation to jointly host a Meetup in May that focused on Elastos in a new era of blockchain at Fordham Gabelli School of Business in New York City. Over 150 Elastos and TCFA community members and guests gathered to see in depth discussions about the unique contribution of Elastos and the future of blockchain from the Elastos Co-Founders, blockchain experts and professionals. The success of this event not only highlights Elastos’ commitment to growing their community but highlights the strength and reach of their message.

CryptoLingo highlights from the event can be found below:

Elastos Team Interviews

CryptoLingo interviews with members from the Elastos team can be found below:

Dr Rong Chen, Elastos Founder

Dr Feng Han, Elastos Co-Founder

Zach W, Elastos Creative Writer

Elastos Summer Tour 2018

Elastos are continuing their commitment to community and are currently taking part in a worldwide summer tour that has seen them visit the United States, Europe and Asia. Below details the locations during June and imminent July events.


Elastos is an operating system, a decentralized internet and a virtual machine wrapped up into one that is working to become the technology that powers the smart economy. CryptoLingo will be keeping an eye on the Elastos progress and are excited to see their vision realised resulting in the utilization of the internet of wealth and advancement of human civilization. You can find out more about Elastos through any of the below mediums:

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