Exchange – A Gateway to the Internet of Value Overview (BCIO) is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange that aims to facilitate the seamless transfer of cryptocurrencies through a safe, secure, and regulated exchange. BCIO’s exchange will incorporate cross-chain atomic swaps for decentralized settlement, innovative cryptographic protocols, and payment networks such as Lightning Network and Raiden to establish a bridge between different blockchain networks.

The key differentiating factor of BCIO is in their focus to overcome the shortcomings of rival exchanges that: 1) cause severe losses for token issuers and traders, 2) are non-compliant with regulations resulting in seizure of assets or closure, 3) poor customer service and lack of transparency in exchange procedures, and 4) trading outages and downtime.

BCIO has the goal of becoming the leading crypto exchange in Europe by 2020, with this ambitious goal they have assembled an equally ambitious team to see this through.

BCIO Ecosystem

BCIO’s three core features in its ecosystem consist of its 1) Centralized Exchange, 2) Decentralized Settlement and 3) Liquidity services.

Centralized Exchange

BCIO’s centralized exchange offers a full stack of features, including asset custody services, order booking and order matching.

For asset custody, funds will be kept safe in cold storage wallets requiring multiple signatures for access as an increased security measure.

BCIO also conducts periodic financial and technical audits to ensure that the database is tamper proof and that the inventory of coins matches the records of liabilities with cryptographic proof.

Decentralized Settlement

BCIO intends to incorporate decentralized ‘cross chain’ settlement through ‘atomic swaps’ for its exchange.

Atomic swaps serve to enable the exchange of cryptocurrencies from different blockchains without needing a centralized intermediary to facilitate the exchange. This reduces inefficiencies and provides greater flexibility for users to exchange cryptocurrencies that utilize different consensus mechanisms such as POW, POS, DAG, and others in a truly peer-to-peer fashion.

Atomic swaps work by forging a Hash TimeLock contract (otherwise known as a time-bound smart contract) between trading participants with each participant required to acknowledge receipt of funds within a specified timeframe using a cryptographic hash function. leverages the existing research and development from the Lightning network, Tumblebit, and Rootstock to advance their atomic swap capabilities and improve scalability.

Liquidity Services

BCIO will also offer ICO listing services for crypto projects and tokens that pass strict due diligence processes conducted by BCIO assessing a projects technological specifications and business model. Companies will also be able to plan and execute marketing campaigns via

Peer to Peer Lending

Traders can borrow funds from other users to conduct margin trades and lenders will earn interest on loans with interest rates based on demand and supply. Token

The BCIO Token is an ERC-20 utility token designed to promote and incentivize users to trade on BCIO’s Exchange in several ways:

– Fees : Users have the choice of paying platform fees in BCIO Tokens or in other cryptocurrencies.

– Discounted Trading : Exchange fees paid in BCIO Tokens will be subject to discounts. Discounts will be given in various ways depending on the BCIO token balance held on a User’s Exchange Wallet. The size of discounts given will be determined according to a tiered structure based on the amount of BCIO Tokens held.

– Survey Participation Rights : intends to foster a vibrant and engaged community. As such, will regularly organize surveys and polls for their community of BCIO token holders to vote for new features or listing of new third party tokens.

– Loyalty & Rewards : BCIO Tokens will be used to incentivize trading and reward external developers, as well as existing Paymium users and early adopters and supporters based on a loyalty and reward program.

Blockchain.IO Stakeholders

The exchange will engage the following stakeholders throughout their platform:

      • Retail Investors: Normal everyday people who buy cryptocurrencies to HODL or swing trade..
      • Traders: Traders who trade on a daily or weekly basis for a living.
      • Institutional traders & investors: High net worth individuals and institutions seeking to trade cryptoassets.
      • Market Makers: Traders providing liquidity to crypto trading pairs that make a profit from the bid ask spread in their trades.
      • Developers: Projects looking to conduct an ICO can conduct their ICO through’s exchange/platform and list their token for trading

BCIO Roadmap

BCIO Team and Advisory

BCIO’s team consists of cryptocurrency experts who founded Paymium 7 years ago, a fiat to bitcoin exchange catering to the underserved Euro market.

Pierre Noizat is the CEO of Paymium and he is a recognized expert in the crypto space who has been working on cryptography applied to digital television services before Bitcoin was invented. He has also written many books and spoken at high profile conferences about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Dominique Rodrigues is the CTO of BCIO, and has been a highly skilled researcher for more than 15 years, and is part of the French Atomic Energy commission. He is an expert in cloud computing and holds two patents in distributed cloud computing and security.

Pierre Tavernier is the CMO of BCIO. He is a strategic planner with both consulting and entrepreneurial experience in the financial sector.

The team have listed 15 advisors specializing in key fields across blockchain, trading, finance, entrepreneurial, and regulatory backgrounds. The notable advisors from an equally strong list include Former General Manager of the Tax Administration and French Ministry of Finance, Jean-Pascal Beaufret and Francoi Veron, Founder & Managing partner of New Fund.

Partnership with Paymium

BCIO will only serve as a cryptocurrency exchange, but through their partnership with Paymium, BCIO users will gain access to a fiat currency gateway. Investors who hold fiat (first EURO, with USD, GBP, JPY to follow in the near future) will be able to buy Bitcoin, Ether or BCIO tokens using Paymium. These investors can subsequently become part of the BCIO community and can transfer coins/tokens between platforms free of charge. Token Sale

The company will host an ICO that starts on September 17th. Their goal is to raise a hard cap of 30M Euros.

Symbol: BCIO
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum/ Native Mainnet Blockchain
Fundraising Goal: 30m Euros ($35m).
Private Sale: TBA
Public Sale: TBA
Total Tokens: 200 million BCIO Tokens
Available for Token Sale: TBA
Contribution Method: Private Sale, Public Sale BTC or ETH
Token Rate:  1 BCIO = 0.7 Euros ($0.8176)
ICO Date: 17 September to 30 September 2018
Token Distribution: (Pending potential change)

  • 60.00% Public
  • 16% Team
  • 15% Inventory
  • 5% Airdrops & Ecosystem Incentives
  • 4% Advisors Strengths

  • Closely working with auditors and AMF French regulators (French equivalent of SEC) to help shape and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Providing lending (margin, peer to peer, proprietary) and ICO launch platform with additional ICO marketing services
  • Consistent performance under high volume DDoS attacks and heavy user traffic to minimize any downtime or outages
  • Incorporation of atomic swaps to efficiently exchange value between cryptocurrencies on different blockchains.
  • Platform is thoroughly tested and designed to cope with the addition of new altcoins, features, and high volume trading.
  • Merges decentralized settlement with centralized exchange functions to operate as a hybrid exchange that has the speed of centralized exchanges and the security and trustlessness of decentralized exchanges
  • Partnership with established Paymium exchange with over 170,000 users

BCIO Weaknesses

  • Crypto exchanges is a highly competitive market with new exchanges popping up almost on a weekly basis. Binance, Coinbase, and Upbit have captured large portions of the retail investor market in different sectors and have a solid head start here where BCIO will have to really innovate to attract traders and users to their platform.
  • To operate in France and throughout the rest of Europe BCIO will need to see pro-crypto regulatory frameworks come into play. As the regulatory landscape is uncertain throughout many European jurisdictions, it is possible that negative frameworks or laws barring the trade of cryptocurrencies could hinder the overall demand for a European crypto exchange.

CryptoLingo Verdict: is utilizing advanced technologies in the blockchain space, from cross-chain atomic swaps to payment networks and cryptographic protocols.

The platform combines centralized order books with decentralized “trustless” cross-chain settlements and is partnered with Paymium, a proven French crypto to Bitcoin exchange that has been live since 2011. The end result is an exchange ecosystem that will be secure, reliable, and highly scalable for users, traders, and investors alike.

Despite operating in a highly competitive space, BCIO has a good chance of standing out due to their unique offerings and their angle as a hybrid European exchange focused on maintaining the highest levels of integrity and operating under all relevant compliance regulations.

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