CryptoCurve during Korea Blockchain Week

CryptoCurve Overview

CryptoCurve aims to redefine the way we interact with the blockchain through an ecosystem of simplified and streamlined user experience driven products and programs to bring about the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The first step in achieving their mission is seen through the Curve Wallet that has been specifically designed to interact with digital assets across different platforms, offering an intuitive way to invest, trade and manage accounts. The Curve Wallet, also known as the ‘Front-End of Wanchain, has real world utility and will contain an eye-catching user interface that caters to new and experienced investors, enabling them to make well informed decisions. The CurveSDK, a Software Development Kit (SDK), will enable developers to share standard tools to easily build and create new blockchain applications on the CryptoCurve platform to help grow the ecosystem.

Wanchain and Partners Asia Tour – Seoul, South Korea

Wanchain and Partners company attendees

During Korea Blockchain week Wanchain hosted one of their largest meetups and brought along their partners CryptoCurve, Freedium, AllSpark, Portal Network, TokenLoan, Bitrue, Litex, and THA. Over 200 community members and guests gathered to see in depth discussions as Wanchain CEO Jack Lu spoke about Wanchain 2.0 and the respective partner companies all spoke about their individual projects.

CryptoCurve CEO Joshua Halferty talked about the Curve ecosystem in depth and described why it was built on three pillars of mass adoption, investors, developers, and emerging companies. Enabling these groups to accelerate change and represent the foundation to continue blockchain technology adoption globally while breaking down existing barriers was repeated with great passion and excitement throughout to a captivated audience.

CryptoCurve highlights from the event can be seen below:

CryptoCurve and Wanchain

CryptoCurve’s Joshua Halferty, CryptoLingo’s Kyuhan Shin and Wanchain’s Jack Lu during the meetup

CryptoLingo were able to sit down with Wanchain CEO Jack Lu and CryptoCurve CEO Joshua Halferty to talk about the partnership between the two companies and the synergies that exist between their collaboration.

Joshua Halferty and Jack Lu’s interview can be seen below:

Korean CryptoCurve Video

#Curve Reel – attendee taking part in the special segment translated in Korean

With the focus being on Korea during Blockchain Week, CryptoCurve also made out time to create a special Curve reel video to commemorate their time in Seoul with members from their Korean community and created specifically in Korean.

The special CryptoCurve Korean video can be seen below:

CryptoCurve Public Sale

CryptoCurve’s public sale will be taking place on October 30, 2018. You can read their latest announcement about the sale here:

CryptoCurve Social Mediums

You can find out more about CryptoCurve through any of the below mediums:
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