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Television’s most selfless and beloved fan favourite character, Game of Throne’s Hodor, returned to our screens this week in a video that saw him forego his usual monosyllabic rumblings. The comically infused skit, aptly titled “Not Investment Advice” has quickly gone viral with over 1 million hits on YouTube over a 24 hour period. Almost a year has passed since the HODL/Hodor meme euphoria reached its peak taking over almost all crypto related content and Kristian Nairn has not disappointed once again.

It is not the first time that cryptocurrency and the mainstream reach afforded by Hollywood have crossed paths. Fans of CBS’ Big Bang Theory will recall the “Bitcoin Entanglement” episode that aired in late November of 2017. Even more recently a Netflix documentary series called Explained highlighted cryptocurrencies in a somewhat limited and controversial manner. There have been flaws in the portrayal of cryptocurrencies in some of these instances that has helped fuel the negative connotations in regards to the usage of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole. However, it is of equal importance to acknowledge these situations as what they are, a rarely seen opportunity that can help bridge and create inroads between the crypto community and the general public.  

eToro prides itself not only in its role as a multi-asset trading platform but more importantly on the user friendly nature afforded by its Openbook social investment platform. A strategy that has undoubtedly helped make them a household name similar to the likes of Coinbase. This short skit featuring Nairn has upped the stakes taking crypto mania to a whole new level by bringing together two of the most devoted and arguably borderline fanatical fanbases in a novel twist that plays on the word HODL and Nairn’s corresponding role in the acclaimed series. The video ends with an unamused and struggling Nairn holding back fearful and panicked “bag-holders” who frantically shout about the impending crash of bitcoin.

The History of HODL

HODL is an acronym for “Hold On For Dear Life” and is now synonymous for imploring investors, even in deep red to not buckle under pressure and sell. This unwavering position is driven by the belief that they will reap the rewards once mass adoption has been achieved!

You need to go as far back as December 2013 for the origins of HODL. An unidentified user who went by the name of GameKyuubi had watched the price of Bitcoin drop by 40% over a 24 hour period and after much alcohol consumption went on a Bitcoin maximalist rant declaring “I AM HODLING” and the legend was born.

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