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Red Pulse

Red Pulse is a market intelligence platform that provides information not available to investors, researchers, traditional sell-side institutions and news publishers. The platform is utilised by analysts, financial organizations and professional services companies to keep up to date with news stories and to help them make better informed decisions on China’s financial markets.


Red Pulse Phoenix is an open intelligence content ecosystem for research and knowledge that leverages blockchain technology, machine learning and natural language processing to power a more efficient platform for matching industry experts to clients looking for insights. The Phoenix platform is powered by the PHX token which includes features such as Proof of Creation, Proof of Ownership, regulatory compliance, IP protection and accountability built into the smart contract. Contributors within the ecosystem can produce their own independent content and consumers can purchase content or request specific research topics.

Start Writing

Red Pulse Phoenix is now available to everyone to individually contribute their own content by submitting articles on the platform that focuses on a wide variety of topics such as companies, industry sectors or macro economy for China. As an incentive to early contributors, Red Pulse are doubling the daily reward pool for the first month, equating to around $5,000 worth of PHX that will be given out to contributors daily.

To get started as a contributor on Red Pulse Phoenix contributors must have a Red Pulse account. A profile is searchable by all finance professionals, so be sure to present your best qualities. You can register for an account for free by registering here. After successfully creating an account, users will be able to upgrade their account to become a contributor. Additional details on how to become a contributor can be found here.

The platform is now open for users to become contributors and start writing immediately by selecting the Write Note option. As soon as an article is submitted the Red Pulse editors will review the submission and publish it to Red Pulse Phoenix as soon as it has been approved.

Get Paid

Articles start earning PHX as soon as it is published on to the Phoenix platform. The amount of PHX earned by articles are determined by the quality and amount of engagement it receives within the ecosystem. Contributors accrue more PHX daily based on the amount of engagement it receives also. Users are also able to contribute as many articles to increase potential PHX earnings. As you receive PHX rewards it will be automatically deposited into your Red Pulse wallet as PHF. PHF is the staked form of PHX, so you will earn additional staking rewards if users hold PHF in their wallets. To cash out simply requires users to just convert your PHF to PHX and withdraw the amount to an outside wallet or exchange.

The Red Pulse team have committed to ensuring there will be additional ways for users to earn revenue going forwards as they plan to expand their offerings to cover additional countries in the near future. The team are also launching a crypto focused version of their platform called Crypto Pulse so stay tuned for more innovations coming from the team in the near future.

You can find more information about Red Pulse on their website. Additionally, you can also connect with Red Pulse through Telegram, Twitter, and the Red Pulse Blog.

Red Pulse CryptoLingo Interview

Watch Red Pulse Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Ha’s interview with CryptoLingo below:




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