ioeX and Elastos

ioeX and Elastos

ioeX collaborated with the Elastos Foundation to host a Meetup in Seoul that focused on Elastos in a new era of blockchain and ioeX as the Internet of Things (IoT) smart platform based on the Elastos infrastructure. Over 100 members and guests from both the Elastos and ioeX communities gathered to listen to in-depth discussions from blockchain experts and professionals.

The Chairman of Elastos, Rong Chen gave an insightful speech about Elastos and used ioeX as an example to describe how IoT can be combined with blockchain technology to solve enterprises’ pain points during operation. ioeX Founders, Aryan Hong and Kenneth Kuo explained the ioeX project from a technical and business perspective, explaining how the decentralized peer-to-peer network of smart devices enables software to be updated without using an OTA server and the costs benefits behind this new implementation.

Rong Chen (left) from Elastos and Aryan Hung (right) from ioeX

ioeX announced its partnership with Elastos earlier in the year and have demonstrated a commitment to growing their community alongside Elastos by continuing to share their message and highlight the importance of the Elastos connection. This partnership between Elastos and ioeX was facilitated by both companies’ strong connections to Foxconn and the founding Elastos team.

Watch the ioeX and Elastos CryptoLingo interview below:

Elastos and ioeX will continue to explore new opportunities to deepen their partnership.

About ioeX

ioeX aims to create a decentralized and distributed network that allows Internet of Things (IoT) devices to transmit and receive data without specialized storage or transmission centers through decentralized Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking. The ioeX vision is to reduce the cost of updating IoT devices as the cost of traffic and storage decreases by up to an estimated 70% as the interactions between technology carriers and network communication become more intuitive and efficient within the ioeX network. ioeX adds value on Internet of everything through decentralized networking driven by blockchain and brings blockchain to our lives.

Watch ioeX Chief Executive Officer Aryan Hung’s interview with CryptoLingo below:


About Elastos

Elastos has created the world’s first internet operating system that focuses on re-decentralizing the internet with blockchain to secure identity. By creating a new kind of internet powered by blockchain technology that is secure, credible and smart, anyone will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from these scarce, identifiable and tradable assets. An internet that allows users to access content such as articles, movies and images directly without the need for any intermediaries lays the foundation for a trustworthy and secure internet of wealth.

Watch Elastos Founder Rong Chen’s interview with CryptoLingo below:


You can find more information about the ioeX project on their website. Additionally, you can also connect with ioeX through Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The ioeX business platform has fully opened for registration also, click here for additional information on node partnership registration, personal cloud, Internet via a home device and IOEX wallet.

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