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Welcome to Qudem, a new platform aimed at connecting you directly to influencers and entrepreneurs. At its core, Qudem is all about getting your questions answered. Unlike traditional Ask Me Anything (AMA) offerings, Qudem allows you to ask questions unfiltered that are voted for by the community. All questions are put to the vote with the most popular answered by the influencer who shares their unique insights into the subjects you want to hear about, bringing you closer than ever.

Want to understand more about how Qudem works, check out the event we hosted below:


If you wish to participate in a scheduled AMA event as an influencer or company please send us an email at hello@qudem.com providing a brief introduction about yourself and the company you represent.

About Qudem

Qudem reimagines the way we connect with influencers and industry experts by giving you answers to the most popular questions in a rich and substantive Q&A platform where influencers are able to share their stories directly to the community.

At the core of Qudem is trust – with influencers and the community. Everyone has a story to tell, and now influencers can control their own narrative, honestly answering the most popular topics important to the community.

Find out more at https://qudem.com/

Additionally, you can also connect with Qudem through Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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