Cause this is Zilla!

I’ll be completely honest with you from the get-go, Zilla is a platform I have been anxiously waiting for. Why so? Well, it aims to solve a lot of the major problems encountered in the process of investing in an ICO. If you’re a seasoned crypto trader/investor you will know that this industry has often been described as ‘the wild west’ and rightly so (at least for now anyway, until the regulators jump in). But for now, it’s a lawless place where only those that keep their wits about them will survive.

With ‘scam ICOs’ running rampant, scandals about whitepaper plagiarism, pump, and dump societies, Twitter hype/fake news etc, which ICOs can you truly trust? Well, Zilla maybe the solution for all of those problems. Zilla is a platform that enables you to safely invest in an ICO with ‘1 click’.  Let’s go over some of the ideals that this ecosystem promotes. So ‘no difficult wallets’ check, ‘No fake ETH address’ check, ‘no Slack scams’ check, ‘no website spoofing’ check, ‘no opaque teams’ check, and lastly the most important one of all ‘no ICO scams’ check. I also love their zero tolerance to scammers with their quite on their site  ‘we will ban the scammer, their spouse, and their children from using ZILLA forever’, so you can rest assured that there will be no bogus ICOs listed on this platform. What I like most about the product is the ability of collective due diligence, by use of upvoting and built-in secure chat system in order to determine the credibility of persons/ICOs. Zilla basically lets the community decide who’s the hottest and most promising ICOs to invest in which I think is it’s most powerful feature.

Sounds great, where do I sign up? Well the ICO crowdsale is now over, but they will be looking to get listed on an exchange very soon, so stay tuned. Their IOS App is currently under review and should be launching soon followed by the release of an Android version soon after.

Demo of Zilla:

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